Supermarketing LLC

Emily Bowen

A mentor once asked me, " when did you learn this level of creativity was your superpower?" It was that exact moment that validated what I believed in myself all along.

I think differently than others. I am observant to the world around me that ultimately sparks creatively from within. I've created concepts for companies that generated tens of millions of impressions resulting from the love and deep understanding of creative digital incentives and strategy.

It is that love for the work that I did that led to the establishment of Supermarketing, providing marketing services to start-up and CPG brands.

Fun Facts:

Born and raised: Buffalo, NY
Where I've lived: Atlanta, GA / Los Angeles, CA (present)
Who I'm hanging out with: @charliebandanas
What I'm watching: NBA, ESPN, or Friends - on repeat
What's in my fridge: Dezo, Cha Cha Matcha, Olipop, Mad Tasty/Recess, CanoWater
What's in my pantry: Level (plug), Liquid IV, Siete


What types of scope do you typically work on with a client?
Open to project basis, retainer or long term scopes
How does your pricing work?
Pricing shown on homepage is a general baseline for pricing - it may differ based on the scope of work or project
Do you have a team?
I am a superteam of 1 but I have incredible agency partners that I collaborate with for high bandwidth type relationships
Is this site real?
This site was made for fun to showcase my portfolio and work!